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The Rose House for Men and Women–   providing freedom from addictions



Dedicated to...

The Rose House program is dedicated to Rose Maria Anding of McComb, Mississippi, whose vision and heart is to impact the lives of men and women who are bound by substance abuse. After twenty-five years, God delivered her from crack cocaine and other drugs. She spent three months at the spirit-based Life Change Institute for Women in Houston, Texas. God snatched her out of Satan's web and began to speak to her, giving her a vision. He told her to write the vision--and make it plain. God has given her clear directives on how to bring it to pass.

Rose said, God answered me: "Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie, though it tarry, wait for it; it shall surely come, it will not tarry." - Habakkuk 2:2-3

This vision, as any seed planted in good soil, did not stop growing, but continued to multiply. Out of the many requests for help by family members came a call for a program to which they could send their loved ones. People were looking for a program that offered a "CHRISTIAN ALTERNATIVE."

Because of Rose Anding's obedience, the fruit of this seed, which is truly "THE ANSWER," is now available at The Rose House's drug rehabilitation program for men and woman.

The Rose House's Program


The Rose House for Men and Women operates under the concept of a 24-hour, 90-day learning center, and provides a spiritual and therapeutic environment that teaches its residents how to live free from addiction. The program teaches that this freedom comes from a change of attitude, change of associates, a change of activities, and from living by the power of the Holy Spirit. The free drug rehabilitation program is for adults, ages 18 and older, who have a drug chemical dependency. The program offers assured freedom from drug addiction to those adults who meet the criteria for acceptance.


This program changes the lives of not only the drug user, but also the drug dealer and the family members of both. It offers a lasting change--offering hope and direction for many husbands, wives, and children. It has God's promise that those who come, will not leave without being restored.


 Applicants must:

  • Have a respect for Spiritual information given through the Word of God. 
  • Have a personal desire to be free from drugs.
  • Be willing to submit to the 24-hour, 90-day monitoring system.
  • Exhibit the need for psychological help during the assessment interview.
  • Not be pregnant.



The Residential Treatment Facility is one part of a two-part program that involves the family:


It is the belief of The Rose House that a person does not set out in life to become a drug abuser. Their addiction is a result of an initial choice to try drugs. Because of the addictive power of these chemicals and the behavior modifications that take place, the user's life degenerates to the point where they must have help to recover. This help is provided through the corporate effort of trained individuals, caring family, and friends.

With this principle in mind, The Rose House is structured to minister to the spiritual and sociological needs of the resident and his or her family. Each is encouraged to go through the program with the assistance of a family member or friend called a "significant other." During the 90 days of the program, the assigned personal minister at The Rose House will provide a ministry support system for the resident and the significant other.

During their 90-day stay, the resident will be under the direct supervision of a ministry support team that will teach the behavior modification principles that will enable her or him to live substance free forever. Upon completion of the program, the significant other, along with the support of the ministry team, will have the personal responsibility of monitoring and assisting the resident throughout the 90-day after-care program.

The program for The Rose House for Men and Women consists of seven (7) steps:

  1. Admitting the Challenge
  2. Commitment to God
  3. Knowing Oneself
  4. Principles of Change
  5. Accountability and Responsibility
  6. Growing Spiritually
  7. Helping Others

The Addiction Recovery Ministry Class Faith Temple Restoration Center (FTRC) is the second component.

Residents will take part in group sessions, both on spiritual matters and every aspect of their life. The "significant other" will also take classes to allow them the opportunity to learn about the drug user. The support group sessions will provide them with a forum to interact and support other families experiencing the same challenge.

The Rose House's well-rounded program:

  • Will provide the resident with an atmosphere that will build self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Is designed to help the user, the family members, and friends handle the mechanics of rebuilding their lives as they handle their day-to-day challenges.
  • Prepares the residents for speedy integration into the social mainstream of her or his sphere of influence through instilling the Biblical principles for change.

If a person meets the criteria and seriously desires to enroll, he or she should request an Enrollment Information Packet from The Rose House's Administrative Office. There are two applications involved; one is for the prospective resident, and the other for the significant other. If no significant other will be participating in the program, it is not necessary to complete the second application.

Both applications, if applicable, should be completed and returned to the Administrative Office for processing. The application will gather information necessary to determine the best possible direction for the applicant.


Some things in life you just cannot put a price tag on. For any institution to maintain a level of excellence and professionalism, it must be adequately funded. The Rose House is not an exception; therefore, we have developed what we believe is a most affordable program for those without health care insurance.

Many families who are experiencing a chemical addiction problem have been devastated financially as they have tried to cope with the problem. The Rose House has considered this and is able to offer a multifaceted service to the resident and family at no cost. Costs will be absorbed by the Rose House so that every willing person who desires this ministry will be able to benefit from it. The Rose House budget, per student, will be determined so that our faith will be properly targeted! 

Download information and applications for Rose House admission.

Contact Program Director: 601-680-4135 Admissions Office: Donna Speagle 601-250-5202